O, Miami
  • O, Miami, a biennial poetry festival, aims for every single person in Miami-Dade County to encounter a poem.
  • 30 days
  • 45 events
  • 19 projects
  • 70 poet-artist participants
  • 44 collaborations with other arts-civic groups
  • 200 poems stitched into clothing
  • 40k+ poems distributed at events
  • 20 poems pulled behind planes
  • 350 poems dropped from air
  • 319 poems read at events
  • 1,896 poems written
  • 751 poems on buses


In 2011, the Knight Foundation funded a month-long poetry festival in Miami called O, Miami: http://omiami.org/.

The festival was intended to create an environment where poetry was canvassing the city, on billboards, dragged behind planes over Miami Beach, read aloud over loudspeakers from poets in cars, sewn into clothing for sale in stores, etc., so that residents who might not seek out poetry would encounter it during their day. There were also more traditional events, like formal readings, and less traditional events, like poetry jams.

The Knight Foundation and festival organizers have documented the project, collecting the list of events and their locations, some video and imagery, all the projects that took place, and a collection of the poetry that was featured.

This website is a presentation of that documentation. You can see words that emerged out of the poems either presented or collected around the city by ZIP code, then click through to view events or projects that took place there.

This site was built by Stamen Design, a San Francisco design studio, which was also granted Knight Foundation funding to create the Citytracking project. Part of that project was releasing the “Toner” map style you see above, which is free to use under a Creative Commons license anywhere you display maps online. For more information, visit http://maps.stamen.com.